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Assemble drinking water storage tank for industrial use

    Title: Assemble drinking water storage tank for industrial use

    Keywords: Drinking water storage tank,Water Treatment Storage Tank,Water tank

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    Model: 50000L

    Brand: Fillpack

    Power: N/A

    Voltage: N/A

    Driven force type:  N/A

    Automation degree: N/A

    Dimension: 1000*1000*1000mm per standard cubic block

    Weight: 65kg per piece

    Application: Raw water storage 

    Packing category: wood case

    Packing material: wood case

    Condition: New


    Capacity: 50000L 

    Key material: FRP

    Fuction: raw water tank

    Processing liquid: Pure water

    Origin: ZhangJiaGang, China

    After sales service: Engineers avaliable to service overseas

    Qualification: CE, ISO9001-2008

    Product Description:



    (1)  Life and fire fighting water supply system
    (2)  Architectural water storage tank, adjust the water tank, fire water tank, the expansion of the procurement system and condensed to water tank
    (3)  Boiler system of the supplementary water tank, heat preservation water tank.
    (4)  It can be used in water purification, water treatment

    Feature of FRP water tank:

    (1)  Strong resistance to corrosion.

    (2)  Reasonable structure design.
    (3)  All welded on-site combination. High strength, good sealing, prevent secondary pollution of water quality.
    (4)  Light weight, that is one half of ordinary steel plate water tank.
    (5)  Easy to install.
    (6)  Clean, bright, beautiful appearance.
    Introduction of FRP water tank:
    1. Support for Panels: Longtime FRP Co. supply The panels whichare  supported externally or internally by an adequate support system. External Reinforcement - Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

    Internal Reinforcement - Hot Dipped Galvanized or Stainless Steel 304 rod support and tie-rod

    2. Sealing Materials: Non toxic Rubber foam to be used for all jointing, it is especially developed with long experience and technology on SMC products. It maintains soft itself and adhesives even at low temperatures

    3. Bolts, nuts and washers for the assembly of panels: Exposed externally are hot dipped galvanized steel and in contact with water internally are hot dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel 304

    4. Flange: the flanges for inlet, outlet, drainage, overflow are hot dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel 304

    5. Ladders: SMC sectional tank of 1.5m depth or more shall be provided with internal ladder made up of materials same with the supports. The external ladders shall be galvanized mild steel or equivalent

    6. Drainage: The dome shaped bottom panel with a concave drain panel facilitates complete and fast drainage. The concave drain panel has been designed to ensure the periodic cleaning and inspection of tank

    7. Overflow Screens: it can be supplied with a screen overflow having a micro mesh filter

    8. Man-hole opening & Inspection Hatches: the size can be customized; normally it is supplied with a standard size of:600 x 600mm. the opening can be designs of bolt, seal-tight locking arrangement

    9. ABS roof vent with PE insect screen

    10. Float level indicator, optional SS304 for internal and external support structure are available on request



    Tensile Strength


    Flexural Strength


    bending modulus


    Barcol Hardness


    Water Absorption


    Fiberglass content

    ≥25 25%

    Light transmission

    Outdoor weathering(Natural sunlight)



    Micro biological growth

    Specification of FRP water tank:

    Water tank size: Various

    Panel size: 1m*1m, 1m*0.5m, 0.5m*0.5m

    Wall board thickness: 5mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm etc.

    Package in wood case

    Delivery: 10-15 days after deposit


    We response for one year warranty for the machine,  however, it without any human conduct. And provide one-year free spare part for client.  And send engineer to client’s company with client’s provision for flight charge and accommodation. Help install the machine, teaching their staff operate the machine and also, we do have a private school which help our client sending their staff to china, help them training. 

    After sales service:

    1.Installation & adjustment 

    After the equipment are arrived at the customer’s site, the customer is responsible for unpacking and arranging the equipment according to the placement drawing; and does under our install-adjust technicians’ guidance. Costs of the staff are decided at last.


    We are responsible for offering the technical training to user. The training content includes the structure and maintenance of the equipment, control and operation of the equipment. Through training, users' technical staff can grasp and the skill of operation and maintenance proficiently, and deal with the general troubles in time. We will appoint qualified technical staff for the guidance. 

    The buyer can send staff to our company for learning.

    3.Quality assurance 

    We guarantee the goods offered are brand-new, not used, with latest design and suitable material made, and we guarantee the specification of the equipment is consonance with the contract.

    We guarantee the line achieve product technical performance indicators within 5 days after feeding operation through the correct guidance of the installation and commissioning.

    We are responsible for the fault and damage of the production line caused by our design, technology, manufacture, installation, adjustment and material defect etc. that all belong to our responsibility.

    The warranty period is 12 months after acceptance check of the production line. If there is any different between the furnished equipment in the customer’s factory and the equipment concerned in the contract, the users have the right to pass the inspection book to the legal department to claim for compensation to our company within goods warranty period.


    Offer 12 months maintenance period to the problem that caused by our design, manufacture and the material quality, and offer the relevant parts and effective service for free for above reason. We will offer a widely and favorable technical support, after service all the time after guarantee period.

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